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Preparing for your shoot information.              


Now that you've booked your shoot! Here is some info on what to expect and how to prepare. If you have not made your deposit you risk loosing your spot, the deposit is deducted from the balance that is paid at the time of the shoot or ahead of time. We accept credit cards, paypal and cash is preffered, we  do NOT accept checks if you have a debit payment please pay in cash is possible  to avoid additional fees.

               The address of the studio is located below , The studio is located at15 erial road Blackwood NJ. Green House with black shutters.There is a private driveway to park in . Please dont arrive more then 15-20 mins early as we may be in a shoot session previous to yours.

We ask that you please DO NOT bring along an enterage or extra guests to the shoot as it is a closed session, you really dont need anyone there for "moral support",  it is usually distracting to have friends or spouses in the studio spectating during the shoot unless they are involved in the shoot.There is a large sports bar accross the street and a mall 2 miles away  if you need to have someone with you as a traveling companion.   We are a reputable photography studio with a safe relaxed enviornment and can provide many client references if needed.  


Self preparation: Just a few standard reminders, dont forget to wax or shave your legs and arm pits and any other areas that require grooming including brow shaping . I know this should be a given but sometimes models forget and it doesnt hurt to mention it, please dont get offended. As for pedicure and manicure colors that look best are red, neutral , french but any color you like should work. Please be well rested to look your best.

Hair and makeup will be done at the studio so come with no makeup and hair should be CLEAN and Dry, if you have wavy hair please smooth it out to make it easiest for styling.You may bring along clip in hair extensions if you like or hairpieces to be added to your hairstyle. If you would like a particular style feel free to bring a photo otherwise i will will create a fabulous style for you .  We have all makeup needed including eyelashes here at the studio but if you have super sensitive skin or allergies you can bring your makeup bag. We have various wardrobe items such as shoes, dresses, lingerie and costumes in different sizes available for your use if needed but are more limited in plus size selections.So bring any items you may have or decide to get that may work in the shoot for which ever theme you decide on. I can give many recommendations for stores and websites to find the perfect items if you like you may bring items like lingerie, costume-wear, shoes, thigh high hosiery, accessories ect. Its always nice to have something in the shoot that is your own to make it more personalized especially if the photos are for gift giving.  Some items you should definately bring are bra and underwear sets you can wear alone or under things, a nude thong for wearing under items also, some ladies bring bra inserts or chicken cutlets for added clevage and a more dramatic look.  Black Thigh highs or fishnets can be found at any dept store or victorias secret, A great trick is to wear sheer to waist or support sheer pantyhose in a color to match your skin tone/or nude under your lingerie even under your thigh highs, this gives your legs a smoother look and more support and even sometimes make other items fit better, just make sure they closely match and are sheer to waist.

We have costume jewelry and accessories available for use aswell and you are welcomed to bring items like these if you prefer.

When you arrive at the studio we will finalize what you will be wearing for each of the sets. You will then have your hair and makeup done and change into your first outfit and start shooting, there is no need to be nervous you will be directed through the entire shoot in poses and facial expressions, i usually take 80 to 100 or more photos per set. I like to create a comfortable environment so you will feel at ease , have fun and have some fabulous photos taken. Your hairstyle will be changed and makeup adjusted for each of the different scenes if posing in more them one theme.

After the shoot is finished you will be sent a link and password to view or download all images and you can then choose which images you would like edited/photoshopped  all original images are fabulous looking and well lit so as not to need much photoshopping but we edit out imperfections like cellulite, bruises, dark circles, scars ect , i also do some some light contouring aswell but will not dramatically change your body shape and "take 50lbs off" because it is not realistic.. You will choose 3 images from each set to be edited unless otherwise stated,  You have full rights to reproduce sell or submit your photos to magazines , websites etc.  

We also fully respect the privacy of our clients so your photos will NOT be seen by anyone but you and i and whomever you choose to show them to and we do not used them in any of our online portfolios unless we have signed permission from you the model.


please respond to this email with the following



contact number

sizes bra, dress, shoes, height

a photo for hair and makeup planning

and any additional questions you may have


Bombshell Pinups

15 erial road

Blackwood, NJ 08012