bpinups 4x6 back flyer

Hello im Bombshell Mandy owner of Bombshell Pinups. I first started painting pinups 22 years ago and in the process of photographing models for use as painting refrences developed a passion for pinup photography and have been photographing lovely pinupgirls for 14 plus years. I am also an experiences pinup model and have been published in many national magazines and websites. I have been doing hair and makeup professionally for 28plus years with experience in all styles and looks, i am very creative and artistic and love to create new looks and tranform faces and hair into works of art. Below you will see a gallery of some of my art works and modeling: as you will see i also worked as a Marilyn Monroe Impersonator and classic vocalist, i am working on some new musical projects so Stay posted for future shows and info. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to explore the rest of my website which i update often.

                                                 Stay Fabulous!!!  

xoxo Bombshell Mandy